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Signatures for Give Me My Pupillary Distance

ID First Name Last Name Comments TOWN COUNTRY
1 BrianJones   PERSHORE United Kingdom
2 PaulaKirby Good luck with the campaign. What on earth is the point of a prescription that does not contain all the necessary information? Glasses-wearers are being ripped off. Inverness Scotland
3 joshuaCharlton-Briggs   Shrewsbury England
4 MikeStephens   Oxford UK
5 AnnaBurns   Winchester UK
6 GordonMacrae I do not wear glasses at the moment but if I did then I would want to have the option to buy online. Inverness Scotland
7 JenniferCantwell   Inverness UK
8 JohnKeiller   Cromarty UK
9 ŘyvindJakhelln Signed! Inverness Scotland
10 BarryDumble   Sale UK
11 JohnFeetenby   Inverness UK
12 KeithWilson agree 100% Morpeth UK
13 YvonneWilson This would make my life a lot easier Sunderland UK
14 JohnCampbell   Fareham UK
15 CliveJohnson   Hedleyhope UK
16 PhilipJames   Slough UK
17 iainbrown   inverness scotland
18 BruceMorrison   Culbokie Scotland
19 RuthMackenzie   Inverness Scotland
20 KirstyWindle   Inverness Scotland
21 AndrewChalkley   Hessle United Kingdom
22 DonaldMacrae You have my support. Good luck with the campaign. Dingwall Scotland
23 SheilaJones   Grays, Essex UK
24 RichardDawkins   Oxford UK
25 MauriceCantley It seems completely unreasonable that the development of your business is being hampered by the withholding of this information. Kinlochbervie Scotland