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Signatures for Give Me My Pupillary Distance

ID First Name Last Name Comments TOWN COUNTRY
26 ericmillard Have you seen the price savings? I am fed up with being ripped off by the high street retailers and will always buy on-line Tunbridge Wells UK
27 BrianNugent It cannot be justifiable to withhold an important part of one's eyesight prescription - let's dispense with monopolistic practices such as this! Cambuslang Scotland
28 FabienneDieppedalle   Canterbury Kent
29 DavidMummery   Whitstable United Kingdom
30 audreyparker   edinburgh scotland
31 grahammartin-royle as someone who has had to wear glass's since a child i am appalled that this has been allowed to go on unchallenged. bexhill-on-sea england
32 MarkWells   Poole UK
33 JeanBrennen   Bradford-on Avon England
34 CarolynMorrison   Culbokie Scotland
35 JeremyTebbett Support you wholly in this crusade to increase competition and deliver a better service to the consumer. Cowgill UK
36 MoiraHamilton I'm 78 years young and want to be able to buy my glasses online without the hassle of measuring my own pupil distance. Cromarty Scotland
37 IngridCharlton Briggs   Shrewsbury Shropshire
38 TrevorNash   Gairloch Scotland
39 MrsBrown   Dingwall United Kingdom
40 JaneMcFarlane Glass wearers are being kept in the dark and pressurised to purchase frames where they get their eyes tested, this change would be the start of a fairer and transparent purchase for what is an essential item for so many. Inverness Scotland
41 JohnGilmour   Chester UK
42 PamelaLynas We should have freedom of choice where we wish to purchase our glasses. Beauly Inverness-shire
43 HelenGilbert Omitting the PD measurement gives opticians a 'hold' on their patients. We cannot shop around for the best deal or greater choice without it. Self-measurement could lead to expensive mistakes. Please obligate opticians to provide it. Oxford UK
44 kloelynas   beauly scotland
45 DavidTaylor   Dingwall UK
46 StephenBudd   Inverness Scotland
47 IainMuir This is a blatant anti-competitive practice and should be stopped. Achiltibuie Scotland
48 jeremycolman      
49 JŠnosHorvŠth   Budapest Hungary
50 elmablackall   Kirkhill Scotland