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Signatures for Give Me My Pupillary Distance

ID First Name Last Name Comments TOWN COUNTRY
51 ChristopherRobbins   Lutterworth UK
52 DavidFraser   Dingwall Scotland
53 RobertProcope   London UK
54 ChristopherProcope Be-spectacled and skint. York England
55 SachaColman   Hitchin United Kingdom
56 AdamStylo good idea, I buy my specs on the web and have to specifically ask the optometrist to write the PD after each eye-test. Maidenhead UK
57 BarrieHunt Once the precscription is obtained we should be free to buy our spectacles wherever and whenever. Grantham UK
58 IanHamilton I fully suport teh petition which I believe will make a vast improvement to the provision of optical services in the UK London England
59 SimonCole-Hamilton   Inverness Scotland
60 BryonGibson   Tain United Kingdom
61 DianeRennie   Inverness UK
62 DouglasAlcock I agree with anything that hepls to make buying glasses on line easier. Inverness UK
63 RoyMunro This would be a common sense change Tain Scotland
64 AndrewHobbs   Reading UK
65 SamMaxwell   Newark UK
66 Maartende Vries I agree that PD measurements should be included on the optical prescription forms. Inverness UK
67 AliceProcope This would make it much easier for me to get glasses online as with two small children it is not easy for me to get to an opticians. Thanks. London UK
68 DavidBrown I`m fedup with being ripped of by High St. opticians whose prices are extortionate compared with European prices. Carluke United Kingdom
69 LisaSimpson Give me my PD Dingwall Scotland
70 AlanKenningham   St.Albans UK
71 ChrisDixon Interesting to read we are not given all measurements to obtain our glasses anywhere else in the world, this can only lead everyone to believe they are been ripped off especially when we are paying for the eye sight tests every 2 years. Time for a change! Ammanford Wales, UK
72 PatBaxter Great idea - good one Ewan. Inverurie UK
73 JackPayne   Colchester England
74 TimAltham   Grantham UK
75 simonfraser   sandy uk