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Signatures for Give Me My Pupillary Distance

ID First Name Last Name Comments TOWN COUNTRY
76 LorraineBingel      
77 AlaistarNicolson   Isle of Skye Scotland
78 LorraineMathieson   Aberdeen Scotland
79 JustinCrowhurst   London England
80 MichaelCunningham   Strathaven Scotland
81 LeeBaker   Coventry England
82 AlisonAnderson   Billericay UK
83 PaulMacDonald   Glasgow United Kingdom
84 LeilaNaseri   London UK
85 shahnanbakth   london uk
86 KinTang Please give me my PD! Oxford UK
87 svendlittauer   London UK
88 NigelFrancis Ordered a pair incorrectly as I didn't even know it was important and was unable to have glasses changed without ordering additional pair!! Cardiff Wales
89 KatieRoberts   Chelmsford UK
90 RobertWalsh   West Drayton UK
91 LeighHall   Essex UK
92 mattburns I measured my own PD but probably not as accurately as the optician can. I can only afford to buy my glasses online and worry I may have compromised eye health by measuring this myself when I paid for optician to give me this sort of information. bristol england
93 MattTaylor   WORTHING UK
94 NaomiElliott   London United Kingdom
95 adamashby   cheltenham UK
96 JeremyWard Because measuring it for yourself is a royal pain in the behind. Belper England
97 LauraSaunders   Dorking UK
98 TomNelson   Coventry UK
99 nicklewis     uk
100 suewild Very happy to sign this petition - it is our right tohave this information that we have paid for! It gives me more choice about where I buy my frames and lenses from. Newcastle upon tyne uk